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Not that many years ago, the podcast was but a small seed in the eager ear of the audio world. But my, how it’s grown. From gripping investigative journalism series such as 'Serial', to comedies like 'Scummy Mummies'  and witty educational series 'The Infinite Monkey Cage', we're plugging in and pressing play. We're listening on
About a month ago I had a fantastic meal in a restaurant in central London for an anniversary. It was slightly expensive, but absolutely worth it – I would recommend that place to friends. Last week I went to the corner shop and bought milk. There was nothing wrong with the experience, but I wouldn’t
This blog is the 2nd in a series examining ‘Why Does Tone Of Voice Matter?’. This post looks at the commercial benefits of designing and implementing the right tone of voice for your and your customers. Connect on a higher level In a world inundated with choice, picking the right product can be a little
I was talking to a friend about the tone of voice work I do. She looked at me with a puzzled look and asked, ‘but Why Does Tone Of Voice Matter’? The question really got me thinking so I thought I’d share it. First things first – what is ‘tone of voice’? Well, tone of voice is
I have been sorting out a few bills this week and was struck by the number of companies still asking me to give full card details over the phone. These weren’t small companies either, one major mobile provider was on the list. From May 2018, any organisation which processes or stores personal data, including payment
There’s an interesting article in Which? Magazine this month, asking consumers what they like and don’t like to hear when waiting for a phone call to be answered. According to the report the three most irritating call queuing features are ‘being told your call is valued’ (47%), being directed to the website (28%)
I heard this phrase yesterday in a discussion group on customer effort and its impact on customer experience design. I know it to be true but hadn’t heard it summed up in quite that that way before. Customer effort is now one of the biggest factors in delivering great experience, the hard part is to
A major software and technology company could not complete enough self serve product activation online or within the voice IVR. This was causing high customer effort, high inbound call volumes and increased costs. Approach Visual IVR was implemented to bridge the gap between digital and phone journeys and also utilise the capabilities of smartphones to
I called my mobile phone provider today and was very quickly offered the chance to pay 50p to prioritise my call because ‘we are experiencing high volumes of calls today’. I didn’t take up the ‘opportunity’ and then my call was answered in approximately 2 seconds. I was amazed by this from a brand experience
I read a stat this morning that said by the end on 2016, 40% of all contacts will start on a digital channel. I know some organisations that are over that number already but many are nowhere near. I still believe (and many research papers back this up) that the phone is still trusted more
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